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Haktan Gida, which started its commercial life in 1975, met the consumers in traditional market places until 1985 and opened its first milk production facility in Aksehir, Konya in 1990. In 2004, Haktan Gida opened a second milk production facility in Afyon on an indoor space of 3600 m2 and continued its enlargement with a butter production facility of 1000m2 in Umraniye. Haktan Gida, which differs from its competitors by adding innovative products to its existing products, has opened its third factory upon increasing export demands with a daily production capacity of 350 tons on an area of 10.000 m2 in 2017. Haktan Gida, being is a cheese producer that has made a name for itself in a short time, offers its products with its healthy and traditional taste under the brand name Yorukbasi to the consumers. Yorukbasi carries out its production with a different process by pasteurizing cow's milk for the first time in Turkey creating a huge difference in the sector with its leaf cheese and tulum cheese varieties and offers unique tastes to its consumers. Yorukbasi brings traditional and special flavors to its customers with its fresh kashar cheese varieties produced by dry and wet scalding, mozzarella cheese varieties produced by grating and in blocks suitable to the Turkish taste, butter pleasure varieties produced with a special method, natural butter varieties and plain butter varieties. Butter Pleasure with milk fat as spreadable margarine as a result of long research and development has taken its place on shelves in many stores in Turkey and foreign countries. Plain butter which is known as GHEE, was produced by traditional methods by the Central Asian Turks in order to obtain a long shelf life and is now being produced in modern facilities integrated to the contemporary production technology. The plain butter GHEE being one of the innovative products by Haktan Gida offered under the brand Yorukbasi has hit the stores in horeca’s as well as for production of baklava, kunefe and bakery products and also for the domestic consumption. Haktan Gida is following the technological developments and carries out the necessary investments and R&D works in order to offer a combination of quality and taste with hygienic and healthy production circumstances and continues to grow with the brand Yorukbasi. Haktan Gida sells 300 tons of butter and 600 tons of cheese a month through an advanced distribution network that provides direct service to 600 points in Istanbul and has 62 dealers in 55 cities in Turkey provides its products of the brand Yorukbasi to the consumers with local and national chain stores. Haktan Gida provides special production for national chain stores. Its products are being consumed in 3 continents, especially in Middle East and Turkic Republics. Haktan Gida collects first quality milk according to the determined criteria from the farms with the principle of preserving the nutritional value of the milk in maximum way. It is developing its production capacity and technological equipment steadily and the production is carried out in accordance with national and international quality standards. Haktan Gida, with its young and dynamic staff structure and its expert management staff, continues its works with the understanding of production of delicious, healthy and innovative products with excellence in taste and quality. With its Yorukbasi brand, it attracts attention in national and international organizations with its innovative aspect and continues to take firm steps forward.

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